The Arts create THE competitive edge.  People involved in the arts acquire “21st Century Skills” that are PROVEN to be intrinsic to SUCCESS. Who benefits from this success? The student, the parents, the educators, the school district, the employer, the taxpayer, the country, and YOU. Support the arts and (you’ll) invest in the future. When students are successful, EVERYONE wins!

District 204 School Board Elections take place on April 7, 2015. ARTSpeaks sent nine key questions to each of the four school board candidates (Justin Karubas, Lori Price, Mark Rising, Renata Sliva), and would like to thank all of the candidates for submitting answers to our questions about their positions on important issues related to arts education.

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Our questions were designed to address the candidate's position on the role of arts in education, the advantages of a STEAM curriculum, school funding and budget priorities.  We are grateful for the expressed willingness of all of the candidates to invest their time and energy into serving the educational needs of students as members of the District 204 school board.

Hear how the ARTS provide the competitive edge in these compelling stories...